Integration Tips for Lighting and HVAC

Integration Tips for Lighting and HVAC

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Lighting and HVAC


GeoPak Series

Visit Our SponsorThe GeoPak Series is Dual-Lite’s next generation of LED based architectural outdoor lighting that offers high performance “Normally On” operation in addition to battery backup for all outdoor Path of Egress requirements. Offered in three distinct shapes and four colors, this compact wallpack is designed to meet the customers’ needs and provide easy-to-maintain emergency lighting for mounting heights from 8 to 12 feet. The GeoPak delivers 3115 lumens in normal mode and 658 in emergency mode.

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LED vs. Induction Lighting LED vs. Induction Lighting
Which illumination solution is right for your facility?
Inside LED Metrics Inside LED Metrics
How to compare product performance.

SubstiTUBE® IPS T8 LED Lamps

Visit Our SponsorSYLVANIA SubstiTUBE IPS LED T8 lamps directly replace fluorescent T8 lamps on instant-start electronic T8 ballasts with a 5-year product warranty (24/7 operation). These shatter resistant lamps contain no mercury, provide instant light and a uniform light distribution. SubstiTUBE IPS lamps minimize labor and recycling costs while offering significant energy savings, making this lamp the right choice for all your lighting needs.

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Solid-State Lighting 6 Considerations for Solid-State Lighting
How to measure reliability and service life.
LEDs LEDs Pose Growing Competition to Conventional Lighting
DOE researchers compared annual lighting energy consumption.




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One Expert for HVAC Equipment & Controls

Visit Our SponsorIs your HVAC contractor an expert in building controls? In facilities with HVAC equipment from multiple manufacturers - and HVAC controls intended to maximize occupant comfort and energy efficiency - the answer can significantly impact your bottom line.

At Carrier, we provide training, testing, and certification for our HVAC contractors to become experts in building controls. And, there are multiple factory-authorized experts in your area to choose from.

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Louver EME6325D Louver EME6325D
Protects against direct water penetration.

Advanced Vibration EvaluationAdvanced Vibration Evaluation
Predictive HVAC maintenance service.
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The rapid maturation of the waste management industry has created a considerable opportunity for businesses to achieve significant bottom-line savings.
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LPRS Series LPRS Series
License plate capture camera.

PAR30 LED BulbsPAR30 LED Bulbs
Delivers focused light.

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A full range of options to display your building’s signage.
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Connectrac wireways offer discrete and elegant power and technology connectivity in open spaces without core drilling.
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