Lamp Flicker Accelerates Standards and Test Procedures

Lamp Flicker Accelerates Standards and Test Procedures

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Affordable LEDs

The Dark Side of Poor Lighting The Dark Side of Poor Lighting
Improve IEQ with quality illumination.
LED Lighting 4 Ways to Make the Financial Case for LED Lighting
One of the most overlooked sources of profit and loss improvement is sitting in the variable overheads of your business – namely lighting costs.
Shading Prevent 17 Common Lighting Mistakes
When a lighting retrofit is done right, you’ll see dramatic savings, as long as you don’t make these 17 mistakes.
Shading Top 10 Avoidable Lighting Mistakes
Guard against expense, hassle, and dissatisfaction with these tips.




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BNC-15 BNC-15
One-step cleaner and disinfectant.

Tailor and SilkTailor and Silk
Metal mesh patterns for interior design.
View our Whitepapers Laying the Groundwork for IoT Innovation
Cisco created the “openBerlin” platform: a fog computing platform to automate a three-story Cisco building in Berlin.
View our Whitepapers Connectrac Corporate Solutions: Paganini Electric Corporation
Traditional cable management solutions such as core drilling and the use of floor monuments were not a viable solution.

Heatlok High Lift Heatlok High Lift
Closed cell spray foam insulation.

Digital signage using LCD monitors or LED tiles.

View our Whitepapers IntelaSun Catalog
Smart shading system cuts glare, harvests daylight.
View our WhitepapersStop Core Drilling & Trenching
Wireways provide power and connectivity without core drilling.
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