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June 09, 2008
Top 100 Products
Top 100 Products
Performance, innovation, aesthetics, and even green reflect this year's top products, as selected by the Buildings editorial staff.
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Data Center Energy Efficiency Program Initiated
A new program is aimed at developing tools and informational resources to assist data center operators in their efforts to reduce energy consumption in their facilities.
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What to Look for in Space-Planning Software
Discover what sets space-planning software apart.
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Study Shows that Responsibly Managed Lawns Reduce Carbon Footprints
A new study shows that healthy turfgrass can capture up to four times more carbon from the air than is produced by the engines of today's lawnmowers.
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Dallas Hospital Achieves 18-Month Payback with Centrifugal Chiller
With a total systems approach to energy management, hospital engineers saved 7 percent in utility costs.
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