Boost Efficiency and Reliability via Cogeneration

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With increasingly positive regulatory and energy pricing environments, due in part to concerns about energy efficiency and carbon emissions, cogeneration is garnering renewed interest.

Cogeneration (combined heat and power [CHP]) is the simultaneous production of electricity or mechanical power and useful thermal energy from a single energy source. CHP technology recovers the thermal energy lost in electricity generation, which results in reduction of total source energy use and reduced emissions per unit of energy consumed.

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Even the best run buildings waste 10% or more in energy costs due to performance inefficiencies or unintended equipment use. Eliminating this waste adds up to huge savings.

Ken Daly, former president of Marsh & McLennan Real Estate Advisors, will discuss the economic impact of poor building performance on your business and your budget, and present solutions.

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June 15, 2009
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