Going Green in a Down Economy

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Given today’s economy, it seems only natural that companies would want to focus more on the bottom line and less on perceived “extras,” such as green building. With businesses doing all they can to survive, going green can seem unaffordable.

But, planning and implementing green building initiatives – especially those that save energy and water – can pay off, even in this economy. And, just as people are advised to think about investing over the long term in the stock market rather than panicking at every uptick and downtick, investing in green building is part of a long-term strategy. Yes, investments in green building pay off today; more importantly, they pay off more tomorrow.

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Buildings Seeking LEED® Certification to Provide Performance Data
USGBC has mandated that, as part of LEED v3, buildings seeking LEED certification must begin submitting operational performance data on a recurring basis as a precondition to certification.
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National Science Foundation Supports Virginia Tech Engineer in Improving School Infrastructure
Concern over the possible indoor pollution that children can be exposed to in schools has led the National Science Foundation to award Deborah Young-Corbett a grant to help provide a better way to manage the health of the public school infrastructure.
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Sustainable Initiatives Planned for Sears Tower
Sears Tower personnel recently announced plans for the most significant sustainable modernization projects of an existing building ever undertaken, resulting in unparalleled energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions.
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Choosing a Sustainability Champion
Perhaps the most important responsibility of the sustainability officer is to provide communication throughout the organization about environmental commitment, the programs that support it, and the progress being made to achieve objectives.
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A Plan for Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
Countries around the world have adopted policies and regulations to encourage energy conservation and investment in renewables and distributed energy systems to reduce the adverse impacts associated with climate change.
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A Smart Approach to Sustainability
Once you push past the myths and misinformation relating to sustainability and green design, you’ll find several strategies that will work for your commercial buildings, no matter what your location.
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July 6, 2009
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