5 Steps for Smooth Tenant Relations

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Though market conditions for multi-family housing continue to worsen, the decline is slowing, according to the Washington, D.C.-based National Multi Housing Council (NMHC). Now’s the perfect time to gain some ground – sharpen your property management skills and attract new renters, satisfy your current tenants, and keep your head above water.

“In these troubling times, professional management of multi-family assets has never been so important,” says Matthew D. Summers, president of management at Houston-based Kaplan Management Co. Inc. If you’re facing evictions, delinquent payments, or other troubling situations, check out these five steps for smooth tenant relations. Your tenants (and your bottom line) will thank you.

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NSF Intl. and Trucost Release New Carbon Emissions Report
NSF Intl. and Trucost Plc announced the availability of a new report entitled, Carbon Emissions – Measuring the Risks, which examines the greenhouse-gas emissions of S&P 500 companies in a variety of sectors.
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Fausel Professional Building Awarded LEED Gold Certification
The Fausel Professional Building in Placerville, CA, has been awarded LEED Gold certification by the USGBC, becoming the first building on the western slope of El Dorado County to achieve such a high rating for sustainability.
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Architecture Billings Index Bounces Back After Substantial Dip
The Architecture Billings Index (ABI), a leading economic indicator of construction activity, was up almost 6 points in July following a 5-point dip the previous month. The AIA reported that the July ABI rating was 43.1.
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Attracting the Next Wave of Renters
While the escalating number of home foreclosures has landed a blow on the U.S. economy, a profoundly different impact is being felt in the multi-family housing industry. Do you know what renters want?
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What Building Owners Need to Know to Score Good Tenants
Here’s an overview (by property type) of what building owners need to do to make certain they get good tenants — and what incentives building owners should expect to provide to tenants who are looking for new space.
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Luxury Condos: The Next Big Thing in Multi-Family Housing
The resurgence of downtown living has captured the attention of city planners, downtown neighborhood associations, and others. The key to success is to create developments that offer high-end, amenity-rich living, and marquee buildings that will garner community respect for generations to come.
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August 24, 2009
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