World's Greenest Office High-Rise

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With LEED Platinum certification as a major design goal for One Bryant Park, the building is constructed mostly of recycled and recyclable materials. It features environmental technologies, such as filtered underfloor displacement air ventilation, advanced double-wall technology, and translucent insulating glass that permits maximum daylight.


It also has a state-of-the-art, 5.1-megawatt low-emission cogeneration plant that provides a clean, efficient power source for a portion of the building’s energy requirements.


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Tips for Mitigating Influenza in Commercial Buildings
Spending time reviewing your HVAC system and its major components, as well as air and water distribution, can aid in significantly mitigating the spread of H1N1 and other types of influenza this cold and flu season.
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Building Energy Use Highlighted in Newest ASHRAE Certification Program
To ensure that professionals modeling a building’s energy use have the skills necessary to produce an accurate model, ASHRAE is launching a Building Energy Modeling Professional Certification.
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Building Sector Leaders Call for Steep Energy and Emissions Cuts
Twenty-four of the most influential architecture, engineering, and development firms in the Unites States, along with Architecture 2030, call on Congress to update national building code standards to meet steep and achievable energy reduction targets.
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Restoring a Landmark
The historic Palmer House hotel in Chicago remained the longest continuously operating hotel in North America while it was being restored to its original grandeur.
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New Blood
Because the New York Blood Center leases its building, teardown wasn't an option. Instead, the tenant orchestrated an utterly stunning transformation with substantial assistance from local representative Levien & Co.
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Towering Accomplishment
Edging the historic Moffett Field in Sunnyvale, CA, a new office and R&D campus is rising above Silicon Valley. Jay Paul Moffett Towers is the city’s first high-rise and the largest green project in the area.
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October 12, 2009
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