How to Think About Security

December 2009 Vol. 4, Issue12
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How to Think About Security

By Michael Fickes

Facilities professionals use security policies, procedures, and training to build and implement security plans.

Establishing policies and procedures offers a logical way to get from risks identified by a security assessment to the measures necessary to reducing and managing those risks.

Security Assessments
A security assessment evaluates the context of a building. Is it in the city or the suburbs? Who are the neighbors? What happens in the surrounding area during the day, in the evening, and overnight? How much and what kinds of crimes are committed? Are crimes committed in your building? Who are your tenants? Do you provide parking, and where? Do tenants have to walk alone to and from the parking lot?

A security assessment studies these and other issues, identifies threats and risks, and makes judgments about risks. Finally, an assessment recommends addressing certain risks in the facility’s security plan.

Then, it’s up to the security director, property manager, owner, or some combination of those three to develop policies and procedures to deal with the risks judged important by the assessment.

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The Security Officer of the Future Has Arrived The Security Officer of the Future Has Arrived
Training, integration, post-9/11 realities, and relationships with law enforcement have changed the way security officers work to keep your buildings safe.
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Security Advice from Casinos Security Advice from Casinos
For security operations to be successful in casinos, a blend of strategy, synergy, and high-tech solutions is necessary. While not every facility must watch for card switching and slot-machine scams, the security practices and equipment in these buildings can serve as models to security professionals in many other types of facilities.
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Security: Emerging Design Trends Security: Emerging Design Trends
In today’s security-conscious environment, you need to know more about the latest technologies and trends, and how they might fit your buildings.
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xWatch by Det-Tronics xWatch by Det-Tronics
xWatch’s new options fortify surveillance systems by enabling users to view industrial hazards remotely via a configurable IP address.
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Symmetry Security Management System by AMAG Technology Symmetry Security Management System by AMAG Technology
This system now integrates with a wide variety of IP network cameras from Bosch Security Systems, Panasonic, and Sony, giving users enhanced system flexibility. The system now supports PIV card formats, and it seamlessly integrates key security functions to protect a facility’s staff, premises, and assets.
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YNOTLOC by Hafele America Co YNOTLOC by Hafele America Co
This concealed lock can be opened using a magnetic wand for individual doors or drawers, and a master switch button may access all the cabinets for a set time.
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