Alternatives in Green Building Frameworks

December 2009 Vol. 7 Issue 12
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Alternatives in Green Building Frameworks

In the quest to create more sustainable buildings, it has become important to have an organized framework and standardized metrics for performance. Rating systems provide these benefits. While the sustainable building industry has come a long way in the past decade, three primary reasons to use a rating system still hold true:

  1. As a framework to guide the design, construction, and/or operation of a green building.
  2. As a metric to validate and compare the performance of buildings.
  3. As a market differentiation tool to communicate the value of a green building in simple terms.

In the United States, LEED is the de facto standard. Find out what other options are available …

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Top 10 LEED Projects Top 10 LEED Projects
A showcase of 10 recent LEED projects—many the first of their kind to be certified—that demonstrate the ability and versatility of the rating system to forever alter the landscape of the built environment.
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50-Percent Increase in Green Building Since 2007
Local policies to promote energy-efficient buildings continue to thrive despite prolonged economic downturn.
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It’s Green – Now Find Out What That Really Means It’s Green – Now Find Out What That Really Means
Bio, eco, renewable, recyclable, reclaimed, and sustainable: These are just a few of the green terms used to spice up manufacturers' product descriptions. Feel like you're being fed a mouthful of greenwash? You might be.
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212-ULE™ by Garlock Sealing Technologies 212-ULE™ by Garlock Sealing Technologies
Garlock Sealing Technologies’ 212-ULE ultra-low-emission valve stem packing is designed to simplify leak detection and repair.
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AlumaScreen by Blinds Chalet AlumaScreen by Blinds Chalet
AlumaScreen 5% Solar Screen Roller Shades from Blinds Chalet diffuse UV rays, control light, and reduce glare.
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Antron Carpet Fiber by INVISTA Antron Carpet Fiber by INVISTA
Carpets of Antron® fiber by INVISTA can have up to 42-percent lower greenhouse-gas emissions.
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