Tried and True – The Art of Simple Solutions and Integrated Design

January 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 1
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Tried and True – The Art of Simple Solutions and Integrated Design

The latest in cutting-edge technology often creeps into the discussion when the subjects of green building design and operation arise. While systems and processes have seen remarkable progress in the past 10 years, going green doesn’t demand state-of-the-art advances or sophisticated features. In fact, some of the more successful sustainable concepts are grounded in tried-and-true practices and cost very little (if properly planned).

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    Green Trends in 2010 Green Trends in 2010
    This year will be marked by a continued emphasis on green construction and building material alternatives. Even if new construction isn’t on the horizon for you, there are a variety of effective green alternatives that can easily be implemented into existing facilities.
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    Small Ways to Build Green Small Ways to Build Green
    Although it doesn’t seem possible now, there are a number of ways – new and old – to develop sustainable buildings.
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    Going Green in a Down Economy Going Green in a Down Economy
    With businesses doing all they can to survive, going green can seem unaffordable – but, green initiatives can pay off, even in this economy.
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    EcoGlass™ by Bendheim EcoGlass by Bendheim
    EcoGlass is Bendheim’s new line of architectural glass containing 60-percent recycled material and produced in a highly environmentally sensitive way.
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    Fusion collection by Mediterranea Fusion collection by Mediterranea
    Fusion, the latest collection of glazed porcelain tile by Mediterranea, can contribute to projects seeking LEED certification.
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    RT Series Recycling Containers by Witt Industries RT Series Recycling Containers by Witt Industries
    The new RT series recycling containers from Witt Industries allow one stream or three separate stream recycling to be collected within a small area, and are ideal for companies seeking “green” compliance.
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    Alternatives in Green Building Frameworks
    Clearing Up LEED Misperceptions
    Schools Offer Lessons in Building/User Interface
    Foreign Exchange
    Life-Cycle Cost Assessment as a Tool for Retrofits
    Commercial Interiors: Shifting Corporate Awareness to Deliver Positive Impacts for Occupants
    Proper Training: A Trademark of Sustainable Facilities
    A Wake-Up Call for Healthy IAQ
    Beneath the Surface
    The Changing Practice of Green Operations


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