Protected, Vegetated, and More

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March 2010 Issue 96
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Protected, Vegetated, and More

Today in the United States, we have mostly exposed membranes, generally of very thin, single-ply materials that are vulnerable to vandalism, hail impact, and foot traffic. We’re now coating them to increase albedo and emissivity, but the coatings are of durability that isn’t yet established. We’ve complicated the roof surface not only with HVAC, cell towers, and the like, but with photocells placed close together, or with vegetated areas with unknown consequences with regard to root growth and blocked drainage.

Even though protected, we now recognize some things about protected membrane roofs that, many years ago, we did not.

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Four Steps to a Maintenance Free Roof

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Most building owners think about their roof only when there’s a problem—usually a leak. By that time, water has already caused damage to valuable merchandise, slowed production, and/or caused a slip-and-fall accident. Once the damage is done, all the building owner can do is call a roofing contractor and get the roof repaired.

Though no roof is maintenance free, taking these four steps can reduce life-cycle costs.

To learn more, visit www.sarnafilus.com/maintenance.

Protected Membrane Roofs Protected Membrane Roofs
In a protected membrane roof, by protecting the membrane with an insulation that can withstand traffic and a moist environment, the membrane’s effectiveness is improved, damage from repeated freeze/thaw cycling is avoided, and ultraviolet degradation is reduced.
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Roof Reflectivity, Good Design, and Decades of Cool Roof Reflectivity, Good Design, and Decades of Cool
Vinyl roofs provide environmental and economic benefits, typically without an installed cost premium and without sacrificing any other roofing performance attribute.
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Roof Insulation and Reflectivity Cut Costs Roof Insulation and Reflectivity Cut Costs
There are two ways in which roof designs can directly impact operating costs: the insulating value of the roof system and the reflectivity of the roof surface.
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DensDeck® roof board reduces airplane and other external noise to hardly any noise at all.

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DensDeck has always been popular because of its durability and fire resistance. Now with our new roofing assembly using DensDeck, we’ve increased the sound transmission rating of a typical roofing system over a metal deck by 11 decibels– which is less than half the outside noise coming in. High-density DensDeck roof board fits right over the current roof, saving you time and money. When it comes to sound isolation and durability, the new DensDeck roofing assembly has you covered.

To learn more, visit www.densdeck.com.

MiraSEAL by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing MiraSEAL by Carlisle Coatings & Waterproofing
MiraSEAL’s formulation means it provides complete waterproofing coverage without losing any thickness during the curing process.
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DuPont RoofLiner by DuPont Building Innovations DuPont RoofLiner by DuPont Building Innovations
This lightweight, premium, synthetic roofing underlayment is scientifically engineered to provide excellent protection against leaks.
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Sarnafil Décor Roof Systems by Sika Sarnafil Sarnafil Décor Roof Systems by Sika Sarnafil
This roof is ideal for projects that need the appearance of a metal roof but require the maximum watertight performance of a hot-air welded thermoplastic membrane.
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