Using the Three Cs to Market Your Green Building

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May 2010 Vol. 8 Issue 5
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Using the Three Cs to Market Your Green Building

The ability to market your green building’s attributes is a core benefit of incorporating sustainable practices, but there’s still a lot of confusion about how to tout your accomplishments in a meaningful way. Marketing green features is important to leverage your investment, but if done poorly, it can confuse your customers. The directives behind your campaign carry far more weight than the marketing tactics you implement.

To effectively market your building’s sustainable features and bring relevance to your customers, follow the three Cs: credibility, context, and consistency.

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    Learn more about the latest solar technology combining metal roofing and solar energy to reduce your electricity consumption. Petersen Aluminum commissioned Scott Kriner, an industry expert, to research and prepare a white paper presenting cost comparisons of Solar PV Technologies, the science behind the concept, synergy with Metal Roofing, incentives and much more.

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    Marketing Your Facilities Department Marketing Your Facilities Department
    All facilities groups – no matter what industry – have direct performance and financial impact on expense control/profitability, productivity, staff welfare, and delivery of products and services. Unfortunately, many senior managers don’t understand or appreciate the importance of facilities management until something goes wrong.
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    Managing the Effort Top-Down and Bottom-Up Managing the Effort Top-Down and Bottom-Up
    Success in sustainability comes from creating a culture embraced throughout the organization.
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    Proper Training: A Trademark of Sustainable Facilities
    Training becomes a critical – but often overlooked – component to ensure that a facility achieves its sustainable goals.
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    LED track heads by Prescolite LED track heads by Prescolite
    These LEDs have a minimum 50,000-hour life based at 70-percent lumen maintenance.
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    Max/Block by Tubelite Max/Block by Tubelite
    Max/Block sunshades use a high-recycled-content aluminum billet composition featuring environmentally friendly finishes.
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    DeepDrip by Green King DeepDrip by Green King
    This product waters, aerates, and fertilizes directly at the root zone of a tree.
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    KONE EcoSpace EB™

    Germ-Busting Antimicrobial Surface Treatment

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