Buildings Buzz - BOMA - Jun 26th, 2023
How to lead in turbulent times
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June 26, 2023

Day 1 of the 2023 BOMA International Conference & Expo kicked off with innovative solutions for the biggest issues in commercial real estate, from the push to achieve net zero energy to leading in chaotic times. Here's a peek at what you may have missed.

Building owners and tenants can be co-pilots in the flight to net zero, overcoming the split incentive with these five strategies revealed at a Sunday morning session.
Investors are paying more attention to how buildings impact occupant health. Here’s what you need to know.
It’s difficult to walk down an aisle at the BOMA expo this year and not find a smart building solutions provider. Here’s what several exhibitors had to say about this emerging trend and how they can help facilitate the transition to a smarter future.
Jake Wood, a Marine sniper, executive chairman of Team Rubicon and founder and CEO of Groundswell, shared leadership lessons to help attendees conquer the chaos in their own lives and careers.
Kansas City-based Veterans Community Project helps build tiny homes for those facing homelessness, giving BOMA 2023 attendees a chance to make a difference at its annual convention.
The first FM-approved wireless water leak detection system, Trident reports the precise location of water leaks 24/7. It uses a dedicated radio frequency network to ensure an extended communication range. Check it out at BOMA booth #413.
This ruggedized touchless switch utilizes bidirectional motion detection to provide reliable, consistent switch activation. It’s ideal for any public areas where sanitation is a concern. Essex Electronics can be found at booth #206.
Compatible with most existing hardware, this access control tool uses intuitive, cloud-based software built for simple, automatic integrations, credentialing and more. Learn more at BOMA booth #241.
Future-proof your electric vehicle charging operations with this Level 2 EV charger, which delivers up to 19.2 kW of power (80 amps on a 240V circuit). Learn more about it at EvoCharge’s booth, #738.