Buildings Buzz - Nov 30th, 2023
This pre-war building is now a Class A office
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November 30, 2023

BUILDINGS Buzz Topic: Case Studies—Learn about a pre-war building that was converted into Class A office space for life sciences tenants.

You'll also learn about a new resource for ensuring safety and security in facilities.

Older facilities can be reused for biotechnology and pharma tenants. Here’s how one such facility became a Class A office for life science companies.
This digital resource offers practical guidance for owners and facility managers to keep their facilities secure against threats, both physical and digital.
Winters demand careful preparation for commercial property owners. Follow these three steps to ensure a successful snow season.
Structural round timber utilizes trees in their natural form for structural applications like columns, beams and trusses. Learn how you can use it in projects in this episode of the Buildings Podcast.
Babcock Ranch continues to innovate after becoming a sustainable, solar-powered community with integrated technology for residents to enjoy in their homes and around the community.
Part of Axis Lighting’s StencilFlex family, StencilFlex Curves redefines layers of light and offers a new dimension of freedom for designers. It enables a wide range of rounded forms and curvilinear configurations to StencilFlex layouts.
This air-cooled scroll chiller uses R-32, a refrigerant with low global warming potential (GWP). It delivers 10% greater capacity and efficiency compared to previous models and is a more compact solution for buildings with limited space.
Enabling battery-free operation, this device connects to line voltage power and communicates wirelessly via RF to Vive wireless load-control devices, such as dimmers, switches, fixture controllers and receptacle controllers.
This durable flooring meets the demanding needs of hospitality spaces that need to deliver an outstanding experience. An attached acoustic pad reduces the sound of footfalls between floors for a quieter, tranquil escape.