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America’s First Twins Share Importance of Community
America's first daughters, Barbara Pierce Bush and Jenna Bush Hager, dazzled the audience at BOMA 2018 during their opening keynote discussion. Throughout the hour-long conversation led by BOMA International Chair Rob Brierley, BOMA Fellow, attendees laughed and cried with them as they shared their unique perspectives growing up in Texas and in a political family.

Barbara and Jenna spoke about how their parents made sure they had as normal a childhood as possible, and got to experience the world and discover ways they could help make it better. Barbara noted that they learned to be humble from their grandfather, President George H.W. Bush.

Growing up with a strong support system within their family showed them how important community and support are to success. Jenna encouraged attendees to use their leadership to help the next generation. "Mentorship is one of the most important things about our country," she said. "I would recommend [BOMA members] to be the leaders and influencers of the next generation."

BOMA 360’s Top Performers
Proving their commitment to excellence in all areas of building operations and management, BOMA/Metropolitan Washington (AOBA) clinched double honors at the BOMA 2018 Sunday General Session during a recognition ceremony for BOMA 360 designees. The member buildings of AOBA earned more BOMA 360 Performance Program designations over the past year than any other large BOMA local association. For the second year in a row, AOBA also was the local association with the largest number of submissions from a single company, submitted by Brookfield, also the company with the most designations and renewals over the last year.

Member buildings from BOMA/Austin earned the most BOMA 360 designations of the medium-sized BOMA local associations, while BOMA/San Diego took top honors among the small locals. Cushman & Wakefield topped the list for the most building designations earned overall since the inception of the program. After the Sunday General Session, all attendees with BOMA 360-designated buildings posed onstage for a group photo to celebrate their achievements.

Coleman Scholarship Recipients Experience BOMA 2018
Often the opportunity to attend an educational event, such as this BOMA annual conference, is based on seniority. While that makes internal decisions easy, it leaves few chances for those new to their role or industry to grow their skills. Luckily, there's the BOMA Foundation’s J. Michael Coleman Scholarship, which provides young and emerging professionals the chance to attend the BOMA International Conference & Expo each year.

This year, 10 people are attending as 2018 Coleman Scholarship recipients: Kelsey Cariffe, Oracle; Cassandra Friedli, Greywolf Partners; Mallory Fritz, CBRE; Emily Henderson, Lillibridge Healthcare Services Inc.; Roberta Kelley, Lincoln Harris; Theotto Lillard, Hubbell Realty Company; Grant Miller, JLL; Tiara Nash and Helena Shea, both Cushman & Wakefield; and Bianca Santos, Parmenter.

Kelley, a BOMA/Dallas member, said that being able to attend BOMA 2018 because of the Coleman Scholarship is an amazing opportunity. "I'm learning a lot, and I'll take the information back to my team at work," she added, noting the value of also getting to network with her peers.

Inside Look at Innovation: The Cornerstone Pavilion

This year’s hottest, most innovative technologies are on display in the Cornerstone Partner Pavilion at the BOMA International Expo. This new exhibit is dedicated to operating the buildings of the future. Check out cutting-edge offerings from these Cornerstone Partners:
  • Allied Universal: Introducing SCOT, or Security Control and Observation Tower, your newest security staffer and concierge! SCOT is a robotic security officer with cameras and speakers on all four sides. Available in freestanding or wall-mounted units, the kiosk can handle visitor check-in, wayfinding and access control, and can even connect to a security officer, letting your human staff be in two places at once.
  • Comcast Business: This Cornerstone Partner is showcasing options to keep your tenants connected, including its new product, SD-WAN. Since it’s a cloud-based network solution, if it goes down it will be routed quickly for you to be back online with optimized performance.
  • Trane: A Cornerstone Partner for more than 12 years, Trane continues to evolve from a manufacturing company to an energy and sustainability company, explains Keri Taylor, strategic market leader for Commercial Real Estate, for Trane. Stop by to learn about their indoor comfort solutions, including the IntelliPak Rooftop System connected with Symbio 800, released earlier this year.
  • Yardi: This software provider offers a host of software and mobile solutions to meet your management needs, including budgeting and forecasting tools, work orders and portals that let tenants easily request service from a property manager. The newest application suite, about to be launched, helps automate and manage coworking environments.
Check out tomorrow’s BOMA show daily to learn about more Cornerstone Partners, including Kimberly-Clark Professional, Kings III Emergency Communications, The Home Depot and thyssenkrupp

Hitting the Jackpot at the BOMA Conference
Brad Miccio has been attending the BOMA annual conference for seven years, but this year he took home more than great ideas for how to run his buildings. Miccio, chief engineer for the Packard Humanities Institute, is also taking home $1,500 thanks to the BOMA Fast Cash drawings on the trade show floor. The two winners before Miccio didn't get to the Prize Stage in time to claim their winnings, increasing the jackpot. Miccio was talking to a fire and life safety vendor about fire water pipe corrosion as his name was called and quickly claimed his prize.

“With my $1,500, I’m probably going to take my family on a nice vacation before the end of the year. We’re thinking about a cruise,” Miccio said. “This is a great idea to keep everyone engaged throughout the Expo.”

The potential prizes didn’t stop there. Having an exhibitor validate a prize card entered the lucky winner into a second drawing for a Mobile-Shop Company maintenance cart, a hot item at this year’s conference. Cynthia Cumbo of The Lenkin Company Management and Jason Dugger with GLP Management Service claimed their carts Sunday evening.

Sustainability Secrets of San Antonio Business Owners and Managers
Collaboration. That’s how San Antonio, a city with more than 300 years of rich history, is reinventing itself with an approach to sustainability that saves more money than it costs. Steered by the San Antonio 2030 District, one of 18 such districts in North America, building owners in the Alamo City are sharing field-tested best practices for energy and water efficiency, data management and tenant involvement in sustainability initiatives. A group of panelists shared their experiences with this initiative during “Downtown Building Owners Unite to Make the Business Case for Sustainability,” an education session at the 2018 BOMA International Conference & Expo.

The panelists’ buildings are members of the San Antonio 2030 District, which requires all participants to benchmark with ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager. The individual building data is kept confidential, but the 2030 District aggregates them to see how much progress the district is making toward its goals of reducing energy use, water consumption and transportation emissions 20 percent by 2020 and 50 percent by 2030.

For David Sandoval, senior chief building engineer of Endura Advisory Group, slashing the HVAC water consumption of one floor of Weston Centre was simply a matter of reviewing the building’s original design. A smart valve piloted on the 24th of Weston Centre’s 32 floors revealed that the original architect opted for a smaller air handler than was reflected in the original design, but the valves weren’t sized down to match. As a result, the oversized valves were constantly flooding the coils, and the chiller interpreted the nonstop flow of water as a huge demand for cooling and responded accordingly. Swapping in a smart valve that monitors performance lowered the water demand of that floor’s air handler by two-thirds and drove down the number of cold complaints.

Laurence Seiterle, owner and developer for Zurich International Properties, explained to the packed room that sustainability initiatives let building owners deliver better service. Using efficient, long-lasting LED lighting, for instance, results in lower energy consumption, and tenants aren’t calling for lightbulb replacements as often. Jason McIntyre, director of Real Estate Operations and Sustainability for USAA Real Estate, walked conference attendees through the menu of energy conservation measures being implemented at One Riverwalk and 300 Convent Street, two vintage local buildings where audits led to the development of innovative performance improvement roadmaps.

San Antonio 2030 District is also launching a peer-to-peer mentorship program where more experienced building managers will share information and advice with new professionals, explained Elizabeth Kertesz, director of the organization.


Tech Survey Finds CRE Professionals Keeping Pace with Changes
Fifty-nine percent of property professionals surveyed for BOMA International's Commercial Real Estate Technology Trends 2018 study consider themselves as keeping pace with changes in technology, 23 percent say they are ahead of the curve and 18 percent admit to lagging in technology adoption. Phil Mobley, vice chair of the BOMA International Technology Committee and head of Research for Building Engines, discussed initial findings on Sunday.

Mobley acknowledges that the biggest challenge to investing in technology is budget. “Lots of times managers don’t directly control the budget–so that’s a challenge in itself–but even when they do, it’s not easy to project the payback on a technology solution,” compared to more traditional solutions where it’s easier to see how much will be saved, he said.

For CRE organizations looking to adopt to new technologies earlier, Mobley offers these tips:

  • Don’t be afraid to try something new; that’s the path forward. You will be more likely to achieve success by trying it than not trying.
  • Prioritize investing in technology.
  • Commit to a broad and deep adoption. Make sure many people are using the technology, and it's being fully utilized.
Be on the lookout for the full report, to be released soon.

San Antonio Shows Us Its Style
Attendees were welcomed Sunday night to the opening party in a vibrant way! Colorful decorations adorned walls and tables and a variety of Tex-Mex food was available to taste the local flavor. A band played and artisans were crafting colorful head and wrist accessories out of paper flowers.

Hilda Mendoza of Colliers International and Joanna Carbone of Tremco checked out the live band at the Welcome Party while sampling classic Tex-Mex cuisine. Both agreed the keynote discussion was the best part of the conference's first day. "Jenna and Barbara Bush were amazing," Carbone said. "They're super normal and down-to-earth."

The selfie station was a popular spot for groups of people to gather and commemorate their time at the BOMA International Conference & Expo. Members of BOMA/Georgia (above, from left) Kinsey Hinkson of Granite Properties, guest Gary Clements, Judi Sponsel of America's Capital Partners, guest Marsha Sauriol and Steve Sauriol of America's Capital Partners enjoyed the Welcome Party.

BOMA/San Antonio member Gloria Contreras along with Rebecca Hutchins and Rebecca Massey of Santikos Real Estate Services kick back at the Sunday night welcome party. This year’s conference is Massey’s first BOMA annual conference. “There are so many different vendors at your fingertips,” Massey said. “You have so many ideas about how to solve your problems all in one area and you can make as many contacts as you need.”

Mike Quick of FBL Financial Group is attending his 13th BOMA annual conference this week with wife Sandy Quick. “They always put on a good show and it’s different every year,” Sandy noted.

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