Fire/Life Safety

Potter IntelliGen™ Nitrogen Generators

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The IntelliGen™ Nitrogen Generator Series is the only line of intelligent nitrogen generators for fire sprinkler systems. In addition to great corrosion protection, every IntelliGen™ unit comes equipped with built-in IntelliGen™ Controller software. This software monitors every aspect of the nitrogen generator to ensure the unit is working at optimal performance. The IntelliGen™ Nitrogen Generator monitors pressure, runtime, power, connectivity, and operational mode. By monitoring these activities, the system can indicate development of sprinkler system leaks, user interaction, or possible maintenance requirements.

With Potter’s IntelliView™ Dashboard, you can connect and monitor your IntelliGen™ Nitrogen Generator from anywhere in the world. Additionally, our IntelliGen™ Nitrogen Generators can automatically send email alerts for trouble conditions and maintenance reminders. Extending the life of your sprinkler system has never been easier.

Manufacturer: Potter Electric Signal Company LLC
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