Dynamic V8-SL

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Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has announced the newest addition to its line of V8 Air Cleaning Systems – the Dynamic V8-SL. The Dynamic V8-SL (Side-Loaded) unit offers all of the same features and benefits of the Dynamic V8, but is designed to slide into rooftop units where access for filter maintenance is limited.

Like the Dynamic V8, which has been available for large AHUs and smaller fan coil system configurations, the Dynamic V8-SL offers the same maximum air cleaning effectiveness with unparalleled energy and operational cost savings. The system can be used to clean indoor and/or incoming ventilation air and requires less maintenance because the filters are easier to access and change. In addition, it offers the same durability as the traditional Dynamic V8 system, including a maintenance cycle that’s measured in years instead of months.

Manufacturer: Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Website: http://www.dynamicaqs.com
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