Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning System

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The Dynamic V8 sets the standard in air cleaning – outperforming anything on the market in terms of contaminant control, maintenance and cost of ownership.

  • Better IAQ with MERV performance
  • Low static pressure resistance requires 2/3 less fan energy than conventional filters
  • Filter service intervals are measured in YEARS, not months
  • Removes ultrafine particles, VOCs AND odors

Dynamic V8 Air Cleaning Systems offer property owners dramatic savings on maintenance when using the Dynamic V8 in place of 4” MERV 13 filters in either flat or angled filter racks. On average, it takes at least 32 changes of MERV 13 filters before the first change is needed for the Dynamic V8 - without pre-filters. These savings are in addition to dramatic energy savings and improved indoor air quality.

Manufacturer: Dynamic Air Quality Solutions
Website: http://www.dynamicaqs.com
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