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Versa Wallcovering has become the first brand to certify to the NSF/ANSI 342 Sustainability Standard for Wallcovering Products.  NSF/ANSI 342 is a comprehensive, multi-attribute standard that evaluates the wallcovering over its life cycle, from raw material extraction through end-of-life.  Versa wallcoverings products such as Reflections (shown) will display the NSF Sustainability Mark, a signal to specifiers of the products’ sustainability and eligibility for LEED credits. 

Reflections conjures the calm soothing comfort of a summer day with natural organic botanicals that flow across its surface like sun-dappled reflections on water.  The low-VOC wallcovering is made with Second-Look Recycled technology and contains 20% recycled content including a minimum of 10% post-consumer. 

Manufacturer: Versa Wallcovering
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