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T5HO 47-watt UltraStart Watt-Miser System

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GE Lighting’s T5HO 47-watt UltraStart Watt-Miser System is ideal for high-bay or commercial troffer applications, a linear system that uses GE’s best fluorescent technology to produce nearly the same light output of a 54-watt system with greater performance and energy advantages.

A four-lamp T5HO 47-watt system consumes just 202 watts of energy while delivering 95 lumens per watt. By comparison, a standard four-lamp 54-watt T5 system eats up roughly 234 watts, while delivering less efficiency, roughly 85 lumens per watt. The 32-watts-per-system difference translates to more than a 13% energy savings per fixture, or $26 in savings per lamp, which adds up quickly in large facilities consisting of hundreds or thousands of lamps.

Manufacturer: GE Lighting
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