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CASE STUDY: The ShoWare Center in Kent, WA, wanted to increase uniformity of light; reduce shadowing, maintenance, and energy expenditures; eliminate spill light; and improve the guest experience with modern lighting. The old lighting was causing glare on TV broadcasts, and superficial fixes were not enough for the filming crew. Additionally, light was spilling into the seats, causing inconvenience for spectators. The HID fixtures were not controllable, lumens had depreciated significantly, and the shutter systems were failing.

The facility then turned to 64 ArenaLED fixtures (415W) with updated controls, replacing the 1000W HIDs. This solution was developed by CED Seattle and Hubbell Lighting, and it signifcantly improved the quality of lighting in the arena.

The new ArenaLED fixtures came with controls including wireless dimming, strobe effect, and additional functionality. They allowed the facility to develop more dramatic lighting techniques that were previously unattainable. Specialized optical control has decreased the amount of light that spills into the seats, and general aesthetics have improved. The facility will reduce energy by more than 203,000 kWh per year, adding up to $18,000 per year in savings.

Manufacturer: Hubbell Lighting Inc
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