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LiquiSeal Emulsion and AcryShield System

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LiquiSeal Emulsion creates an added level of waterproofing to construct the balance of the membrane on by filling in cracks and voids often found in asphalt roofing. Roofs with smooth substrates, such as existing single-ply, may benefit from an all-acrylic AcryShield system.

Polyester fabric across the entire roof field creates a durable reinforcing layer. A base coat of AcryShield provides extra waterproofing, adhesion, ponding resistance, bleed-through protection, and resistance to plasticizer migration.

 Meanwhile, using AcryShield top coats offers protection against UV radiation and brightness, boosting longevity. The top coats are formulated for dirt pickup resistance and protection against algae, mold, and other pests.

Manufacturer: Natl Coatings Corp
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