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EverSeal Roof Repair Tape

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EverSeal’s instant bond with all common roof materials ensures long-lasting, watertight repairs. It is designed to fix punctures, tears, splits, and roof seams, but can also be used to flash curbs, edge metal and skylights, and repair gutters. The tape is resistant to chemicals and can be installed year-round.

 The new 4-inch width offers an alternative for instances where the original 6-inch size is too wide, such as enclosed areas or thin flashings. EverSeal is based on Advanced Synthetic Adhesive Polymer (ASAP) and contains no butyl or asphalt. It can be used on EPDM, TPO, PVC, Hypalon, modified bitumen, smooth BUR, architectural metal, and many other materials.

Manufacturer: OMG Roofing Products
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