Techni-Flo Ventilation System

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Crafted from foam insulation board, an all-metal ridge vent, and an eave vent, the Techni-Flo component ventilation system is engineered to meet needs specific to each job. The ridge vent installs easily with a snap cover and contains slotted fastener holes to ensure correct placement. It can handle heavy snow loads and is resistant to wind-driven rain and snow.

The energy-efficient polyisocyanurate foam insulation board combines insulation, a nailable surface, and ventilating airspace. An optional version adds a radiant barrier. Both boards are FSC certified and utilize vent spacer strips to separate 7/16-inch OSB from the insulation, which creates airways for flow from the eave to the ridge.

The eave vent is engineered to the prescribed ventilation capacity of each job to permit air flow through the insulation panel to the ridge. It evacuates heat and moisture and moderates the roof covering’s temperatures.

Manufacturer: Atlas Roofing Corporation
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