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PermaSnap Coping

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OMG Roofing Products has rebranded its popular line of PermaSnap Coping systems to include the former QuickSnap Coping products. The re-named and expanded product line includes four products that provide contractors with more choices for every type of commercial application:

  • PermaSnap -- formerly QuickSnap – for walls from 6 – 24-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Plus -- formerly QuickSnap Plus – for walls from 6 – 32-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Premier -- formerly PermaSnap – for walls from 4 – 24-inches wide.
  • PermaSnap Premier Plus -- formerly PermaSnap Plus – for walls from 4 – 32-inches wide.

All PermaSnap products include self-locating pre-punched clips, matching concealed splices with integral gutter system to channel water back onto the roof, and snap-on coping caps to enhance rooftop productivity. 

Manufacturer: OMG Roofing Products
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