Acoustical Solutions


Alumi screens are flexible, freestanding acoustic screens for offices or public areas. The horizontal, sculptural relief pattern is available in felt or fabric in a wide variety of colors.

Scala XL

Scala XL is an enlarged version of Anya Sebton’s sound-absorbent Scala. It’s designed to improve the soundscape in large, noisy spaces like assembly halls, auditoriums, lobbies and shopping malls.


STRATAWOOD combines the acoustical capabilities of PET felt with the aesthetic value of wood.


TURF Design’s latest release, Scanlines, uses a proprietary algorithm to translate any image into an acoustically sound art form.

Tone Cabinets

Zilenzio’s Tone cabinets are sound-dampening design pieces that help build a balanced acoustical environment in the workplace, making it easier to focus and concentrate.


Eave is a decorative acoustic pendant light that combines an appealing luminaire with sound-dampening properties.

Bits Wall

Bits Wall is a triangle-shaped acoustic wall tile that provides visual energy while diffusing sound waves and cutting down on unwanted echoes. Features an NRC rating of 0.85.


illi is an acoustic pendant light for large spaces and voids that need noise absorption due to high sound reverberation, such as hotel lobbies, foyers and vaulted ceiling spaces.


Summit is a three-dimensional acoustical baffle system with a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) rating of 1.30. Made of 100% PET with a minimum of 50% recycled content.