Compact Workstations

These two new compact workstation models have 26 inches of height adjustment, supporting the height requirements of 95% of users in the clinical space.


SOFT ROCK is a new lounge seating system that represents the constant changes of office space and people who work there.

Mixu Seating Collection

Mixu is a sustainable and versatile collection of chairs and stools that can be customized to fit any design.

Radii Caddy

Allsteel’s Radii Caddy is a thoughtfully designed storage solution that addresses the need for workers to stow rather than store.

Lido Collection

The Lido Collection by Skargaarden is perfect for creating carefree outdoor spaces. Includes a sofa corner, an ottoman, a lounge table and a sofa midsection. Made of aluminum with Sunbrella cushions.

Outstanding Outdoor Collection

Italian textile firm Dedar introduces its Outstanding Outdoor Collection, a mix of vibrant, energetic hues and comfortable durability.


Carousel is an outdoor table and bench collection that incorporates a center cut-out to avoid material waste and reinforce social distancing.

Nature View Tree Book Shelf

The Nature View Tree Book Shelf is designed as a freestanding tree with a realistic canopy, ideal for early learning environments.


TOOaPICNIC is a modern collection of single and two-person lounge seating. Features low or high back panels to create as much or as little privacy as is needed.

Aerie Table Collection

Aerie is a minimalistic, elegant table collection that stands as the focal point of any room. The versatile tables support any type of work style, from collaboration to individual focus work.