Gotham’s Incito 4” Direct-Indirect Wall Mount Cylinder Luminaire illuminates interior or exterior columns and tall walls in spaces like stadium concourses, transportation hubs and more.

LEDUR TW Linear Luminaire

Nora Lighting’s LEDUR TW Linear Luminaire is an undercabinet fixture with edge-lit LEDs that provide smooth, uniform light across countertops and eliminate hot spots on reflective surfaces.

24V High Output COB Tape Light

American Lighting’s new COB Tape Light, part of the company’s TRULUX series, offers uniform illumination without needing additional diffused covers or accessories.

Multiple Lighting System LED Series

Nora Lighting’s adjustable Multiple Lighting System Pull-Down LED Series offers multi-lamp functionality with one to three independently adjustable heads, including a one-light square and two- or three-light linear un

ID+ 2.5-Inch Downlight and Wall Wash

Focal Point’s new ID+ 2.5-inch downlight and wall wash offer specifiers a comprehensive solution for ambient, accent and task lighting. The 2.64-inch low-profile housing is perfect for shallow plenum spaces.

Scena Exterior Luminaires

The Scena family of exterior luminaires includes surface mount fixtures and bollards designed to withstand the rigors of urban exteriors and public spaces.

Spec Ultra Tape Light

Spec Ultra Tape Light is part of American Lighting’s TRULUX series. Features an output of 550-650 lumens per foot and a 90+ CRI. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K.

Neoflux Pro-V Series

The Neoflux Pro-V Series of flexible, direct view, outdoor LED neon tubes have a compact profile of 0.63 inches by 0.59 inches. Available in single color or RGBW for custom lighting applications.

Quartz LED Series

Nora Lighting’s Quartz High Lumen LED Series now includes three field-changeable reflector options: Clear Diffused, Specular Clear and Haze Snap-In. Choose from 4-, 6- and 8-inch apertures.


The new LEDtronics LED street light fixture, the Cobrahead, follows the traditional cobrahead design, but delivers an energy-efficient, high-lumen output with 146 lm per watt performance.