Plumbing & Washrooms

HydroTap Touch-Free Wave

Zip Water’s HydroTap Touch-Free Wave water system provides sparkling, boiling and chilled water with the wave of a hand, allowing workplaces to provide hygienic solutions for employees without sacrificing convenience.

SimpleSENCE Enterprise

SimpleSENCE Enterprise is a scalable commercial version of Sencentric’s SimpleSENCE Water Leak and Freeze Detector.

Shadow Toilet

The Shadow line of toilets combines efficiency, design and performance, making it ideal for condos, hospitality and healthcare. The thin tank design and smooth bowl upgrade the appearance of any restroom.

Quad Spout

Quad Spout stands apart from the typical arc spouts people expect to see. The squared-off shape gives spaces an industrial flair, yet it’s versatile enough to complement any design scheme.

One-Kit Wonder

One-Kit Wonder is a complete pressure-assisted system that allows an easy replacement of previous-generation Flushmate systems or similar systems.

Super Slim Xs Drain Series

The Super Slim design Xs Series Shower Drain combines state-of-the-art technology with a super-slim design for a minimalist aesthetic.


The Sabre toilet features Niagara’s patented Stealth Technology, which uses less water but has a powerful flush.

EC-1210 Series

The EC-1210 series of sensor-activated glass and water bottle fillers make water dispensing hands-free to reduce contact in high-touch areas.

Liberty Toilet

Niagara’s Liberty line is a cost-efficient toilet option for multifamily projects. Installs quickly, has an extra large footprint and uses standard flapper technology that is familiar to plumbers.

Sanicom 2

Sanicom 2 is a heavy-duty, duplex drain pump featuring two 2-HP pumps that remove water, grease and corrosive chemicals up to 194 degrees F. at up to 140 gpm.