Detec TruGround Conductive Primer

Mule-Hide’s new Detec TruGround Conductive Primer makes electronic leak detection of conventional roof assemblies fast and easy, ensuring that roofing systems are free of breaches, holes and seam voids.

GacoFlex A47

Gaco’s GacoFlex A47 Series is an acrylic elastomeric roof coating for renewing weathered commercial roofs.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board

Georgia-Pacific’s DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board is a high-performance gypsum roof coverboard designed to protect commercial rooftops from impact and puncture damage during severe hail conditions.


Atlas introduced SureSlope Prefabricated Tapered Products for low-slope roofing applications.

GenFlex Seam2Seam EPDM SA

GenFlex Seam2Seam (S2S) EPDM SA is a quick and easy fully-adhered EPDM solution. Using Firestone Building Products’ patented Secure Bond™ technology across the whole membrane surface, the new solution

EdgeBox RI

EdgeBox RI is an engineered metal alternative to traditional wood nailers. Made of heavy duty 20 Ga. galvanized steel with reinforcing spines that will not rot, twist or split like traditional lumber.

DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board

WeatherBond's DensDeck StormX Prime Roof Board is a reinforced gypsum cover board with an enhanced, moisture-resistant core and coated glass mat facers.