Data Demand: Distributed Antenna System (DAS) Solution


In recent years, wireless carriers have moved away from providing distributed antenna systems (DAS), leaving building owners to find their own suppliers and integrators for the technology. 

“Enterprises are starting to realize they must fund their own infrastructure if they want to achieve the high-quality, high-density solutions their user bases are demanding,” says Jeff Reale, director of enterprise and carrier solutions for DAS integrator Intenna Systems. 

The P.V.B. lockbox is a security device created out of necessity


Thieves are stealing backflow valves because they are easy to get to and replacement costs can be as high as $3900  for each one. Pay a little now for a secure solution and save a lot of stress, time, and money. Mounted directly to the wall and held in place by security bolts and anchors, the lockbox has service openings which allow the device to be tested for pressure and to be winterized, a necessary maintenance procedure in the northern states where irrigation is not needed year round.

Modular Building Institute - International Non-Profit Trade Association Serving Modular Construction


The Modular Building Institute (MBI) is the international non-profit trade association serving modular construction. Members are manufacturers, contractors, and fleet owners in two distinct segments of the industry – permanent modular construction and relocatable buildings. Other members include architects, owners/developers, general contractors, and companies supplying building components, services and financing.