Internet of Things

The Emerging Role of Luminaire Embedded Controls

In the world of building construction and facilities maintenance, the use of embedded lighting controls continues to grow as a sought-after solution for achieving design flexibility, simple space reconfiguration, and the ability to connect to building management systems.

Using Lighting and BMS to Advance Your Business

Lighting has the capability to transform and improve the spaces where we live, work and play. It is this amazing possibility that drives Acuity Brands to seek new and innovative lighting technologies for our customers.

10 Conference Room Booking Features Checklist

A conference room booking solution can help you avoid common pitfalls like double-booked rooms, meetings in areas that don’t have the right resources, and spaces that still appear to be booked after the meeting scheduled for them is cancelled. Ask vendors about the features on this checklist to make sure you end up with a conference room booking solution that works for you.

Small Data Center Devices: Big Impact

At the dawn of the first data center, facilities and IT managers have strived for more productive floor space. Here are spotlighted innovations that have decreased in size but increased in value to data center operations.

Why It’s Time to Converge Physical Security and Cybersecurity

Many companies today still treat their physical and cybersecurity departments as separate entities. But as more building systems become digitized—from HVAC to access controls—experts agree that it’s time to consider converging on a departmental level to keep up with the technical level.