Singlewire’s InformaCast Fusion: Editors’ Choice

This mass notification tool was one of just three products to win the Editors’ Choice designation out of the 45 Money-Saving Product winners. Learn more about this versatile notification system that integrates with the tools most buildings already have in place.

For Facility Security, Connect Access Control Software

For today’s forward-thinking facilities, implement data sharing and integration between systems that control access to a building or specific area. Connecting occupant management software with access control results in multiple benefits. Find out what they are.

Security Threats of Tailgating in Your Facility

Sean Ahrens, a leader in the field of security and resilience, as well as a project manager for Affiliated Engineers, Inc., shares insights with Janelle Penny into the security threats of tailgating and piggybacking in respect to the access control of your building.

What to Consider When Securing a Historic Building

Preserving a historic building while still providing safety and security to the users can be achieved, but it won’t happen on its own. It must be planned. Learn what to consider and how to implement security into your space.