Comparative Building Costs: Office Renovation Projects

August 20, 2012



This 5,100-square-foot office space incorporates reception, a conference and board room, main work space, private offices, kitchen and lounge areas, and support space. It welcomes daylighting from three new skylights and existing high windows. The sloped roof framing features a mezzanine level that directs light onto the main work space while housing a coffee bar and kitchen.

A steel truss line serves as the edge of the circulation path leading to the mezzanine level’s stairway. The exposed brick and steel of the existing space has been enhanced by new industrial-style work, including the mezzanine stair, which is supported by an exposed painted steel stringer with a steel and wire mesh railing system. Ductwork and fire protection systems are exposed, and the light fixtures are suspended from steel cable.



This renovation of a six-story, 110,000-square-foot office facility created many opportunities to use sustainable techniques and materials. Exterior renovations included removing an ineffective EIFS skin and replacing it with a 2-inch insulated metal panel system, which features integrated windows with low-e glass. In addition to minimizing UV radiation and solar heat gain, the windows enhanced the HVAC system and enabled better occupant comfort.

All existing aluminum and window frames were recycled, as were 8,500 yards of old carpet, which was then replaced with a low-emissivity modular carpet made from recycled materials such as plastic soda and water bottles. All interior walls were coated with low-VOC paints to minimize odor.

The upcoming second phase of the project will focus on similar interior and mechanical renovations at a five-story, 62,670-square-foot building.


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