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Ruckus Storage Creates Flexible Classrooms

July 29, 2019

Contract furniture manufacturer KI adds Ruckus Storage to its flexible Ruckus Collection, which helps keep teachers and students organized.

(Photo: Classroom layout needs vary by school, grade, teacher and even by hour. The Ruckus Collection, including the new Ruckus Storage component, aims to organize the chaos by being flexible on the fly. Credit: KI)

Just in time for the back-to-school season, KI is releasing a long-awaited component to its Ruckus Collection: Ruckus Storage. The new addition to the line will help both teachers and students keep learning tools handy and learning spaces neat.

Like all the products in the Ruckus Collection, Ruckus Storage helps organize the chaos by being able to reconfigure at a moment’s notice. Many teachers in today’s school systems are often left to develop their own do-it-yourself storage or furniture, often paying out of their own pocket for solutions.

Ruckus Storage and the entire Ruckus Collection can provide schools with high-function, high-quality solutions, while still giving teachers the flexibility to move, manipulate and personalize the products to fit their curriculum or individual needs.

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At 18 inches in overall depth, Ruckus Storage’s fresh line of single-face cubbies, lockers, bookcases and tote storage units have a small footprint and can fit nicely within classrooms of all sizes.

BUILDINGS Award Winner

Ruckus Collection was recognized as a Product Innovations Merit Award winner.

KI also received two other awards, including an Editor’s Choice. Check out all the winners here.

Large casters enable Ruckus Storage to easily move, therefore empowering teachers to change classrooms on the fly to meet students’ needs.

(Photo credit: KI)

The entire Ruckus Collection includes seating, desks, tables and now storage that encourage diverse teaching styles and support today’s learning spaces.

(Photo credit: KI)

Each piece aims to provide consistency across classrooms and schools, while offering the flexibility and customization that is inherent in the design world.

(Photo credit: KI)

See how the Ruckus Collection breaks down below to learn how it can be an ideal solution for your next education, library, makerspace or STEM lab project.

  • 4 elements added with Ruckus Storage, including tote storage, lockers, cubbies and bookcases
  • 35% recycled content used in each unit, with some reaching up to 80% recycled content
  • 400 pounds, the weight rating for Ruckus chairs and stools
  • 4 Ruckus chairs can be stacked high to save space
  • 31 standard frame colors (including Chrome) available for chairs and stools
  • 24 standard poly colors available for seats/backs
  • 2017, the year Ruckus was introduced in the education market
  • 4 optional accessories available for desks or lecterns: a cupholder, book basket, bag hook or modesty panel

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