Siemens 1Commercial Real Estate and Air Quality Safety: A Win-Win-Win for Facility Managers, Employees, and Tenants.

Providing a clean air environment has always been important to ensure safety for staff and others and, as we’ve seen, is an aspect of the work environment that employees valued even before the pandemic.

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Siemens 1The Untapped Potential of Data in Building Services

By applying the right technology, your building can utilize existing system data to slash operations costs.

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Siemens2How to use Data for Outcome-Based Building Services

Data allows building owners to develop specific outcomes for their facilities and their businesses.

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Siemens3Uproot Costly Inefficiencies in Building Systems

Faults that building operators cannot see are costly and damaging to equipment.

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The Business Value Report of EcoStruxure Solutions for Commercial Property

For this business value solution brief, IDC spoke with companies active as property investors, developers, management companies, and tenants in commercial property markets around the world about their use of Schneider Electric's EcoStruxure for Real Estate Solutions.

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SchneiderThe Building Operator's Guide

In the wake of the pandemic, building and facility stakeholders are being asked to re-examine their strategies and prepare for a new way of working. Today, expectations among both regulators and occupants are simply different.

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Three Essential Elements of Next Generation Building Management Systems

Building owners, facility managers and system integrators face increasing pressure to save more energy, reduce costs and maintain availability all while enhancing occupant experience and well-being. Achieving these varying objectives is best solved by a new type of BMS available today that goes well beyond HVAC controls.

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Enery Performance eGuideEcoStruxure™ Power Energy Usage Performance eGuide

EcoStruxure Power helps facility operations achieve greater operational and energy efficiency

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Improving IAQ in the New Normal: Smart Questions for Building Owners

As the inventors of modern air conditioning and a world leader in HVAC, refrigeration, and fire and security solutions, Carrier has a legacy of creating safe and comfortable buildings.

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Hand Hygiene is a Two-Part Process

It is common knowledge that washing your hands is a key step in guarding against the spread of germs. But what happens after people wash their hands? Let’s explore the second (and sometimes overlooked) part of the handwashing process: hand drying.

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Ensuring Occupant Health: Key Findings and Insights from Global Study of 21 Office Buildings

Building owners, operators and occupants all want their buildings to be healthy, now more than ever. Healthy buildings help ensure healthy occupants.

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Smart Buildings and the Future of Work Report

This report sets out the advantages that smart buildings offer to occupiers and developers of commercial real estate in a post-COVID world.

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RD Weis4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Disinfection Plan

As businesses weigh their options for reopening, many are putting together plans for routine disinfection. But too often, the measures these businesses take fall short. RD Weis is here to help.

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