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Smart Buildings

How In-Building Connectivity Transforms Hospitality Experiences

July 24, 2024
Guests’ ability to leverage high-tech services, such as digital keys and mobile check-in, depends on seamless connectivity. Learn how upgrading distributed antenna system (DAS...
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Smart Buildings

Riding the Smart Building Wave

July 10, 2024
The smart building technology market is on the rise, but there are challenges to overcome. Here’s how to meet them head on.

Emerging Technologies that Aid in Smart Building Accessibility

July 8, 2024
Explore the tools that can help facilitate greater inclusivity and deliver social, economic and practical benefits for all.

Solar PV and Metal Roofing, The Perfect Pair To Improve Building Performance

July 1, 2024
If you see solar becoming part of the energy-saving strategy for your commercial or industrial building, without question, you need to start thinking about a metal roofing system...
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Smart Buildings

AI and Building Operations: The New Real Estate Frontier (BOMA 2024 Preview)

June 26, 2024
Where should building owners and managers start with artificial intelligence? AI has the potential to dwarf the capabilities of previous solutions, but potential pitfalls make...
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Smart Buildings

How to Navigate the Risks and Benefits of AI-Based Video Surveillance in Buildings

June 7, 2024
Can artificial intelligence (AI) help building owners and facility managers retain tenants, protect properties and achieve profits? Yes—but there are risks. Here’s what you need...