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Smart Buildings

How to Navigate the Risks and Benefits of AI-Based Video Surveillance in Buildings

June 7, 2024
Can artificial intelligence (AI) help building owners and facility managers retain tenants, protect properties and achieve profits? Yes—but there are risks. Here’s what you need...
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Smart Buildings

6 Methods for Overcoming the High Initial Costs of Smart Building Projects

May 28, 2024
Explore these strategies and incentives to reduce the financial challenges related to implementing smart building technologies.
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Industry News

Revolutionizing Facility Management with Smart Building Technology

Technology leaders view AEC data, BIM and digital twins streamlining operations and future AI tech advancements for facility management.
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Make Building Operations More Efficient with Generative AI

May 6, 2024
Learn what AI can do to make your daily facility management tasks easier.
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Safety & Security

Ensuring Privacy for Occupants in Smart Building Environments

May 1, 2024
Here’s how to avoid some common pitfalls between building automation and data privacy concerns.

Metal: Good for the Earth & Your Bottom Line

May 1, 2024
Great Looks are Just the BeginningBuilding Owners Enjoy Many Benefits When Retrofitting with Metal Retrofit Metal Roof and Wall Systems are ideal for updating a building and gaining...