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Energy & Water Efficiency

4 Steps to Help Building Systems Achieve Sustainability Goals

Feb. 12, 2024
Building managers can achieve energy savings, sustainability and resilience with a proven Path to Smarter Energy.
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New Autodesk Solution Streamlines Building and Construction Processes

Feb. 9, 2024
Industrialized construction is the future of the AECO industry; Autodesk’s new Informed Design solution will help deliver projects quicker, with higher quality and with less waste...
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Smart Buildings

Top 7 Growth Opportunities for Smart Buildings in 2024

Decarbonization and occupant experience enhancement to shape future growth potential of smart buildings.
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Access Control

Protecting Smart Building Access and Assets with Advanced Biometrics

Jan. 31, 2024
Improvements and reduced costs in biometrics are making them a more viable option for buildings where additional security is needed.
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Smart Buildings

What We Can Learn About Building IT/OT Redundancy from Modern Emergency Operations Centers

Jan. 29, 2024
Need to maintain elevated IT and OT operations levels? Emergency operations centers are built to function fully no matter what. Here’s what we can learn from them.