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Revolutionizing Facility Management with Smart Building Technology

Technology leaders view AEC data, BIM and digital twins streamlining operations and future AI tech advancements for facility management.
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Make Building Operations More Efficient with Generative AI

May 6, 2024
Learn what AI can do to make your daily facility management tasks easier.
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Safety & Security

Ensuring Privacy for Occupants in Smart Building Environments

May 1, 2024
Here’s how to avoid some common pitfalls between building automation and data privacy concerns.
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Smart Buildings

New Report from Autodesk Shows Growing Confidence in Resilience, Optimism Toward AI

Nearly 5,400 global business leaders, futurists and experts across Design and Make industries share insights and solutions in second annual survey results.
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Digitalization Strategies Are Key for CRE to Meet Sustainability Targets

April 15, 2024
Real-time, digital collaboration among teams will improve operations and realize reductions in cost, carbon and energy. Here’s how.