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DUCTILCRETE Engineered Concrete Slabs

Engineered Slabs Drive Down Warehouse Operating Costs and Increase Flexibility

Warehouse and distribution center tenants have high expectations when it comes to technology, operations and space utilization. So, brokers and developers are continually looking for inventive ways to make their projects more desirable.

DUCTILCRETE® engineered slab systems can bring corporate tenants a number of benefits, including:

  • Driving down warehouse operating costs
  • Reducing their carbon footprint
  • Increasing warehouse flexibility and allowable loads


New eHandbook on Lighting

New Lighting eHandbook

Strategies for Achieving Smarter, More Efficient Illumination

Whether it’s setting proper lighting levels, eliminating glare or setting a mood that enables people to experience rich color accurately, all of these conditions help make tasks safer and easier to accomplish for occupants. Additionally, an effective lighting strategy can meet these multiple requirements while using energy more efficiently.

This eHandbook is intended to make the process of lighting a space properly more straightforward and offer up-to-date information from lighting experts and industry reports. 

The Benefield Project


Design with Purpose

The Benefield project is a community effort from start to finish.

While Citizen HKS is donating its design services throughout the duration of the project, more help is needed to get the job done.

i+s and BUILDINGS are looking for donated in-kind products, furnishings and materials or reduced rates for needed items.



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