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Fun Ribbons Lighten Up Global Security Exchange

Sept. 27, 2018

ASIS International is adding some fun to a serious topic with its topical badge ribbons at Global Security Exchange.

I’m attending my first Global Security Exchange (GSX) by ASIS International, and once I got on site to the conference and expo space at the Las Vegas Convention Center, I went to badge pickup. Since I’m press, I make sure to get all the right credentials, which include a ribbon identifying me as such.

Much to my surprise, and something I’ve never seen at a show before, was a very large variety of ribbons to choose. These went beyond the typical ribbons that include “first-timer” or positions of leadership within the organization. An entire wall of fun ribbons awaited any attendee who wanted to have one. They included ribbons with a Vegas flair, including “high roller” and “eye in the sky.”

Peggy O’Connor, director of communications, ASIS International, noted this is the third year the organization has done this.

“We came up with the idea as a fun element to add to the registration process, and attendees have loved picking out ribbons to adorn their conference badges ever since,” she says. The ASIS International staff updates the ribbon titles based on the host location.

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“This year, since the Global Security Exchange is in Las Vegas, it’s been really entertaining to offer attendees ribbons that highlight the energy and activities that go hand-in-hand with Vegas.”

Hanging around the ribbon stations briefly, I saw firsthand how it was drawing people in. Alan Stein, consultant with Twio Brand, was one attendee drawn to it. He chose High Roller and Pit Boss ribbons.

“We’re in Vegas, those two felt like the two most appropriate ribbons to add to mine. They spoke to me. I could have gone wild card or double down, but I liked high roller and pit boss,” he says.


O’Conner says that attendees have been posting their ribbon-filled badges to social media and showing them off to their friends and fellow attendees.

“It’s cute and brings a little levity to a security show that’s always very serious,” Stein notes. “It made me smile when I saw it.”

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