How to Design for Acoustic Sensitivity

April 3, 2020

Does a one-size-fits-all approach to acoustic comfort work for every occupant? What about people who are more sensitive to noise than others? 

Guests Reetika Vijay and Grzegory Kosmal from IA Interior Architects join writer Robert Nieminen to discuss acoustics and how to tailor it to occupant comfort.  Listen now.

About our guests:

Grzegorz KosmalGrzegorz Kosmal, AIA, LEED AP, Design Director, IA Interior Architects, has over 25 years of leadership in architectural and interior design. His commitment to design excellence is reflected in an extensive portfolio of prestigious, award-winning work spanning from major international civic and corporate projects, to innovative workplace solutions and strategic building repositioning.

He brings extensive experience in integrated design for “people, place, and purpose.” Kosmal works closely with his team, designing design innovative but classic spaces that balance place making and create memorable workplaces within the realities of each budget, schedule, and program.

With a Master of Architecture and a Bachelor of Architecture and Urban Studies, his design negotiates between small and large scales, as well as cultures across the globe.

Reetika VijayReetika Vijay is the managing principal for IA Interior Architects’ Boston office and was recently named Boston Real Estate Time’s 2019 Top 10 Most Influential Women. She brings over 23 years of experience playing a leading role in strategic planning, managing, designing, administering and negotiating a wide variety of project types.

Vijay and her team are responsible for the design of millions of square feet of vibrant, active, healthy, bright, collaborative and destinational workplace that has impacted and improved thousands of lives. She builds successful internal and external coalitions along with an office culture that stresses accountability and continuous improvement with measurable results, including being voted as one of Boston’s Best Places to Work by the Boston Business Journal.

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