The Brilliant (Yet Simple) Marketing of Hand-Sanitizing at BOMA

June 25, 2018

Kimberly-Clark hand sanitizers - brilliant marketingThanks to Kimberly-Clark, I set a record in sanitizing my hands at the 2018 BOMA International conference. I was walking around in the BOMA show in San Antonio to check out some of the latest trends, tools and amenities in the building industry.

As you might imagine, I was shaking a lot of hands. Being a bit of a germaphobe, I sanitized my hands after virtually every stop. I wasn’t even carrying a bottle of hand sanitizer. I didn't need to. There were sanitation stations everywhere. 

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Kimberly-Clark at BOMAI barely noticed that the sanitation stations were every few feet. Brilliant. Every time I stopped at one of the stations, there it was, Kimberly-Clark's name and their brands I'm already familiar with, staring at me. This simple, yet effective tactic reminded me to stop by the Kimberly-Clark booth to learn more about their products. Intelligent marketing! 

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But let’s talk about having these sanitizers everywhere. That could be brilliant, too. Wouldn’t that be convenient:

  • In lobbies
  • Outside of conference rooms 
  • Right outside bathrooms/or inside
  • Next to elevators
  • Anywhere people insist on shaking my hand!

Besides pleasing people like me, there are real health benefits: Making hand sanitizers readily available in the workplace can decrease illness and absenteeism.

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It certainly was an eye opener for me to see that I would use hand sanitizer often if it was that easy to get to. It was intuitively placed in spots where I felt the need to clean my hands. And what's even nicer is I didn't have to stop what I was doing (or my conversations) to wash away germs. I could simply use the product on my way to the next hand shake.

Christoph Trappe is director of content at Stamats Business Media - the parent company of Buildings. 

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