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October 25, 2017

Office Building

This single-story, 10,213-square foot building serves as a union hall. Exterior walls have a combination of burnished concrete block at the base and corrugated metal siding. An EPDM roof was used with copper shingles in the corners as accents. A sunscreen helps to control sunlight on the glazed exterior surfaces. Interior gypsum walls have a finish that mimics the exterior’s burnished block. An exposed metal ceiling deck links the interior to the exterior’s corrugated metal. A 71,000-gallon underground tank meets stormwater detention requirements rather than disturbing the landscape with a retention basin.

Office Building Addition

This office addition for an apparel manufacturer is organized around three interior avenues. Continuous light scoops facing north bring light deep into the building. The natural light is important for the firm’s design and fabric selection work. Artificial lighting in the building replicates the lighting in the manufacturer’s stores. The building aesthetic is primarily exposed concrete exterior and interior, expressed concrete and steel structure, and exposed mechanical and electrical systems. Fins and overhangs on the exterior control light on the large glazed areas. 

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