Best Practice Guide to Maximize ROI of Energy Management Systems (EMS)

December 29, 2015

According to the 2015 Energy Management System (EMS) Survey Analysis: Findings from Industry Professionals, the value of EMS data is not lost on the enterprise. In keeping with the “Big Data Awakening,” a full 90 percent of the executives Ecova surveyed understand that trend data analysis enables a baseline that guides a number of value-driven strategies and initiatives. Further, a full 56 percent currently collect and analyze 15-minute interval data, and nearly 31 percent have plans to do so in the next 18 months.

But, while many EMS providers sell enterprises on the value of telemetry data for predictive monitoring, our survey respondents appear to understand the extension of that value to a wider audience and a more holistic outcome. They’re leveraging the data derived from their EMS to:

·         Avoid excessive costs through the identification of troubled assets and equipment issues,

·         Achieve overall energy consumption reduction,

·         Implement peak demand management,

·         Manage and plan for HVAC, equipment and lighting upgrades,

·         Benchmark energy savings.

By analyzing telemetry data in the context of bill pay and procurement data, enterprises are gaining insight into the correlations between their underperforming sites and assets and their maintenance spend, for example. The results are more intelligent management of facilities, energy cost reduction, and optimization of the maintenance budget.

When the 9.6 percent of respondents who indicated they did not see value in collecting and analyzing trend/telemetry data were asked why, the leading responses were:

·         that it requires expertise to interpret,

·         it’s difficult to determine ROI for manpower required,

·         their facilities were too small to find value in Big Data.

Telemetry data collection is foundational to optimizing management of the energy management lifecycle, from procurement to consumption to reduction and bill pay. Technology—driven by the Internet of Things, the analysis of Big Data, and the modern EMS systems that leverage those things—is playing a key role in establishing the value of trend data collection.

To understand the value EMS systems can bring to your company, download a free copy of our whitepaper: Best Practices Guide to Maximize ROI of Energy Management Systems