Millennial Workspace Preferences Measured

July 16, 2015

As many organizations ook for ways to attract millennial workers, new findings show their values and preferences for both workspace layout and personal wellness on-the-job. The survey, conducted by ESI Ergonomic Solutions, notes that by 2025, millennial workers will represent 75% of the total workforce, meaning their preferences will become intrinsic to staffing and retention.

According to the results, which polled over 1,800 millennials, the three most important working conditions to improve and maintain high levels of productivity are:

  1. Proper lighting
  2. Ability to control noise level
  3. Ability to control distractions

When asked about facility measures that have the most impact on personal wellness, lighting and the ability to control noise level were noted as extremely important, though the option to sit or stand while working was equally valued. The survey’s authors also mention that while cognizance of these trends can be helpful, the most effective way to optimize your facility’s layout and operations for occupant productivity is to simply ask the occupants what they prefer.

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