Survey Shows LEED Impacts Building ROI

April 28, 2015

A survey of 48 executives in charge of building operations or corporate sustainability efforts for Fortune 200 companies shows that the LEED green building certification system plays a key role in sustainability efforts, with 96% reporting to use the program in their organizations. Additionally, 60% of respondents believe that participating in the LEED program positively affects their company’s ROI.

The survey, conducted by USGBC and Keybridge LLC, also shows that 93% of respondents believe that a commitment to the environment motivates their company to use LEED, and 82% of respondents are likely to continue using the program over the next three years for new construction or retrofit projects. The survey, LEED and the Corporate Built Environment, also shows that 70% of corporate decision-makers stated that they pursue LEED as a means to cut costs due to increased energy efficiency, and 80% use the program to reliably communicate sustainability efforts to stakeholders.

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