New Technology Provides Cheaper Solar Energy

January 26, 2015

A new type of photovoltaic device developed by researchers could drastically lower the start-up costs for solar systems and bring renewable energy from the sun to more places than ever before.

While the implementation of solar arrays has increased with increased awareness of climate change and CO2 emissions reduction targets, current techniques such as silicon and thin film are still expensive. The team from the University of Exeter discovered that solar cells using the mineral perovskite not only converts sunlight at 9% efficiency, but are also cheaper to produce than current technology.

While this development is exciting on its own, the study also tested their new device at locations in Brazil, the U.S., Spain, China, the U.K., and Saudi Arabia, demonstrating that the perovskite-based cells can convert light to power in atmospheric conditions different than direct sunlight. This flexibility will open the doors for even more areas to access clean, renewable energy.

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