Facilities Management Plays Key Role in Employee Satisfaction

March 20, 2012

Facilities management plays a vital role in workplace performance, according to Sodexo’s 2012 Workplace Trends Report. The study details how the upkeep of the workplace influences productivity, employee engagement, and job satisfaction.

Employees view the work setting and services as an extension of the level of care by management, according to the report. The facility’s role can help create a positive environment in the minds of employees.

Conversely, a poorly maintained facility has the opposite effect. “Working in poorly heated/cooled spaces or buildings that appear shabby creates negative attitudes,” the report notes.

Perceived poor service from support staff and maintenance personnel can also negatively impact employees. The lack of attention in these areas, as well as the lack of amenities such as wellness programs or on-site dining, is seen as a direct reflection of senior leadership.

Corporate real estate executives, designers, and facility managers directly influence four important working modes: employee focus, collaboration, learning, and socialization. Effective handling of these aspects translates to improved performance and productivity.

Perceived service quality and a team’s ability to leverage workspace design also influence employee attitudes and impacts the bottom line, the report says. Facilities managers can help increase employee engagement and job satisfaction and thus result in higher productivity, as well as improved operating income and net income.