Who’s Who 2009: Leaders in Energy Management and Sustainability

September 1, 2009

The Buildings editorial team has selected a dozen organizations whose practices in energy management and sustainability have resulted in significant reductions in energy usage and operating costs. These organizations have also anticipated the future by putting practices in place that are designed to maintain their momentum.

The organizations run the gamut from private real estate firms to public agencies, from a defense contractor to a hospital and a university:


Brookfield Properties

Cobleskill Regional Hospital

Crescent Real Estate Equities LLC

Department of County Facilities, Hamilton County, Ohio

Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. (Freddie Mac)

Jones Lang LaSalle

Liberty Property Trust

Lowe Enterprises Real Estate Group




University of Iowa


Read about our Who's Who organizations and their best practices in the following articles:


Benchmarking and Monitoring
Utilizing the Best Technology and Products
Getting Everyone on Board
Looking Ahead: Regulations
Reducing Use and Waste
Managing the Effort Top-Down and Bottom-Up

We hope that the experience and successes of our Who’s Who leaders will supplement your team’s best practices. Do you have best practices to share with your peers? Leave a comment at the end of this page or send an e-mail to