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Machine Learning Makes Data More Efficient

June 20, 2018

By using the data you have from your facility with machine learning, you can make more informed and efficient decisions.

Data is so important to everything we do. Without it, we’re making educated guesses as to what outcome or value something will bring. Once big data and analytics are brought into the process, we can make better decisions based on past information.

Big data and analytics help you make informed decisions.

Taking it a step further with machine learning, we can predict future outcomes based on past information. Machine learning is based on artificial intelligence, analyzing the data you already have to learn, identify patterns and make informed choices.

Find out how technology improves life safety and building inspections

Think of what could be possible with that information in your facility. Based on your data, machine learning could help predict:

  • Maintenance needs before something goes down
  • Energy use and efficiency
  • Occupancy management
  • Inefficiencies in workflow or operations

High Business Value

You can save time and money on energy and maintenance issues alone. Not only that, it gives you greater confidence in your decision-making and numbers to bring to other stakeholders to strengthen your case.

Are you making the most of your data? If not, what’s holding you back?

What other new technologies would you like to know about to help make your job easier and your facility run more efficiently?

Let me know at [email protected].

Even though you already have the data and interest in being more efficient, you might have questions about getting started with machine learning. In our feature “Machine Learning 101,” we look at how you can gather data and use machine learning to your advantage. Get your questions answered and discover the full potential of your data.

If you’re already using machine learning in your facility, read “5 Steps to Optimize Your Facility with Data Analytics.” We explain how to get the most out of machine learning using the data you already have.

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